Food Storage

Mylar for long-term storage

The most popular method and most cost effective means for storing bulk, dry foods is by using Mylar bags along with oxygen absorbers. Storing foods for emergencies and disaster readiness ensures that you will have supplies on hand. When bought in bulk, and at a lower price, you can provide your family with plenty to eat when the store shelves are bare, or if you just need to rely on your pantry.

4 enemies of deterioration

Defeat the four enemies of food deterioration – oxygen, moisture, light, and contamination – by properly sealing foods in an appropriate container. Our bags are 5.4 mil thick. Sealed with the appropriate oxygen absorbers, food can be kept up to 30 years, depending on content. Mylar bags are reflective, and therefore light does not get to the food and when kept in an environment with a stable, cool temperature, your food is ready to be stored for many, many years.


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using mylar bags

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