Our goal at Wilderness Road Mercantile is to offer products which help you obtain a self-sustained homesteading lifestyle.  Whether you are preparing for difficult times or living off the grid, these products will improve your quality of life. Don’t wait for a disaster or unexpected emergency to pursue your pioneering past to live simply. Practice these skills now and have them in place with your necessary supplies!

Leading brands

We offer leading brands including Lodge Cast Iron, GraniteWare canning supplies, Masontops and Ohio Stoneware fermentation products, WonderMill grain mills and Rome pie irons; brands that have proven themselves in quality and time-honored service to the thousands who have used them for many years; even through many generations.

Expanding product line

We believe in these products so much, we use them in our own homes.  Our search to expand our product line is continuing and if there is a product you believe is exceptional, let us know. We will see if we can provide it. Blessings to you and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Wilderness Road Mercantile.

Modern-day homesteaders.
Different backgrounds.
Some have learned skills from our parents, while others have taught themselves.
Some have a couple acres, some hundreds, and others – none.
No matter how we define homesteading, we all have one common goal:
Return to our roots.  Pursue self-sufficiency.
Find satisfaction from the work of our hands.

                                                                                                                                         -The Prairie Homestead

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