Quick Links – Emergency Preparedness and Homesteading Information

  • Countryside Magazine – Pioneering the simple life – Resource topics include homesteading, gardening, daily stories, free guides and related magazine subscriptions
  • Self Sufficiency Magazine – Modern Day Homesteaders – Ideas for living a self-sufficient lifestyle – Topics include Green Home, Gardening, Food & Recipes, Herbs & Medicines, Natural Health, Outdoor Survival, and Preparedness
  • The New Pioneer Magazine – Truly the “Complete Guide to Self-Reliant Living,” and is filled with tips, DIYs, and more to live sustainably off the land.
  • Grit Magazine – Celebrating Rural America Since 1882 – Hardcopy subscriptions and also various Social Media – Informative articles, Reader Blogs, Recipes, DIY projects, Marketplace & Classifieds
  • Mother Earth News Magazine – The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, MEN provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building.
  • An American Homestead – Off-Grid living in the Ozarks with Zac Bauer &  his family. Sharing family life, recipes, prepping ideas and a Homestead store – selling homemade items and seeds.
  • Abundant Permaculture – Seasoned homesteader (and more!) Justin Rhodes –from his 75 acre farm near Asheville. NC- teaches folks to work with nature to produce their own sustenance so they can live a more abundant life.
  • Homesteading Family – Josh & Carolyn encouraging others to get back to the basics of truly abundant living. Wonderful videos, classes and a blog to share with the community of homesteaders.
  • Living Traditions Homestead – Kevin & Sarah share their simple, self-sufficient and debt free lifestyle from the Missouri Ozarks
  • Homesteading Skills to Learn – A collection of knowledge and skills to transition from a modern day way of living to a self-sufficient world of living off the land
  • Seasoned Citizen Prepper – Excellent  selection of downloads on preparedness guides, manuals, books and articles
  • All American SUN OVEN – harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake unbelievably the most delicious food while being prepared for and emergency, reducing energy costs and benefiting the environment around the world.
  • Prepper.net – Where preppers unite! Like-minded individuals gain knowledge, acquire new skills and network with others nationwide.


USA SPIDER IDENTIFICATION CHART – Includes notes for First Aid procedures

Disaster Preparedness –

                   How to Stay Sane and Be Prepared

Preparedness for Older Adults –

                   A Guide for Those Who Live with or Love Senior Citizens

Preparedness for Children –

                  How Parents Can Make Their Children Prepared for a Disaster

Preparedness and Pets –

                  What Pet Owners Need to Know 

Emergency First Aid & Health Safety For Disasters

                         This guide is intended to give you the tools you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Preparedness in Extreme Heat –

                          Helpful tips, information, and resources to help you stay safe in the extreme heat. 

Emergency Preparedness Storage Guide

                          Among the most important emergency essentials include water, food, cooking & fuel, hygiene items & medical

Creating a Disaster Preparation Kit –

                     What Should Your Kit Contain?  Where Should You Store It? 

FACT SHEETS FOR BEING PREPARED – Small steps toward being prepared for an emergency

Do 1 Thing is a web-based twelve month preparedness program that focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month, and provides a range of preparedness options for each topic. Every month has a low or no-cost option to become better prepared. We give you a choice of three things you can do, then you choose one. You can jump in at anytime. 

Download the 12 Month Preparedness Plan pdf



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