Quick Links – Emergency Preparedness and Homesteading Information

  • Countryside Magazine – Pioneering the simple life – Resource topics include homesteading, gardening, daily stories, free guides and related magazine subscriptions
  • Self Sufficiency Magazine – Modern Day Homesteaders – Ideas for living a self-sufficient lifestyle – Topics include Green Home, Gardening, Food & Recipes, Herbs & Medicines, Natural Health, Outdoor Survival, and Preparedness
  • The New Pioneer Magazine – Truly the “Complete Guide to Self-Reliant Living,” and is filled with tips, DIYs, and more to live sustainably off the land.
  • Grit Magazine – Celebrating Rural America Since 1882 – Hardcopy subscriptions and also various Social Media – Informative articles, Reader Blogs, Recipes, DIY projects, Marketplace & Classifieds
  • Mother Earth News Magazine – The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, MEN provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building.
  • An American Homestead – Off-Grid living in the Ozarks with Zac Bauer &  his family. Sharing family life, recipes, prepping ideas and a Homestead store – selling homemade items and seeds.
  • Abundant Permaculture – Seasoned homesteader (and more!) Justin Rhodes –from his 75 acre farm near Asheville. NC- teaches folks to work with nature to produce their own sustenance so they can live a more abundant life.
  • Homesteading Family – Josh & Carolyn encouraging others to get back to the basics of truly abundant living. Wonderful videos, classes and a blog to share with the community of homesteaders.
  • Living Traditions Homestead – Kevin & Sarah share their simple, self-sufficient and debt free lifestyle from the Missouri Ozarks
  • Homesteading Skills to Learn – A collection of knowledge and skills to transition from a modern day way of living to a self-sufficient world of living off the land
  • Seasoned Citizen Prepper – Excellent  selection of downloads on preparedness guides, manuals, books and articles
  • Prepper.net – Where preppers unite! Like-minded individuals gain knowledge, acquire new skills and network with others nationwide.


USA SPIDER IDENTIFICATION CHART – Includes notes for First Aid procedures

Disaster Preparedness –

                   How to Stay Sane and Be Prepared

Preparedness for Older Adults –

                   A Guide for Those Who Live with or Love Senior Citizens

Preparedness for Children –

                  How Parents Can Make Their Children Prepared for a Disaster

Preparedness and Pets –

                  What Pet Owners Need to Know 

Emergency First Aid & Health Safety For Disasters

                         This guide is intended to give you the tools you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Preparedness in Extreme Heat –

                          Helpful tips, information, and resources to help you stay safe in the extreme heat. 

Emergency Preparedness Storage Guide

                          Among the most important emergency essentials include water, food, cooking & fuel, hygiene items & medical

Creating a Disaster Preparation Kit –

                     What Should Your Kit Contain?  Where Should You Store It? 

FACT SHEETS FOR BEING PREPARED – Small steps toward being prepared for an emergency

Do 1 Thing is a web-based twelve month preparedness program that focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month, and provides a range of preparedness options for each topic. Every month has a low or no-cost option to become better prepared. We give you a choice of three things you can do, then you choose one. You can jump in at anytime. 

Download the 12 Month Preparedness Plan pdf



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