Paracord is, quite simply, one of the most amazing and versatile survival products out there! 

It has so many potential uses.


Originally developed during World War II, as its name implies, it was initially developed to attach parachute canopies to harnesses. GIs soon found that this new cordage was far more useful than for just parachutes. It caught on in the civilian world, where it is now a firm staple.

In addition to purely utility functions, paracord can be used for lanyards, belts, or braided into “survival bracelets”. It can be used for securing cargo, lashing together poles, or fixing broken straps. Ours is available in many solid and variable colors and in several lengths.


Sometimes  referred to as 550 cord – standing for the break strength in pounds of the cordage, which is remarkably strong considering the diameter of the material – paracord is an item no serious survivalist should be without.

Learn about 17 survival uses for paracord.


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