Cast Iron Cooking 

We offer several books to guide you in using cast iron cookware. They have many delicious recipes, including interesting stories and photos from America’s best cooks. They also give great advice on the care and handling of cast iron  We also have cookbooks specifically aimed at cooking over a campfire using dutch ovens and pie irons.

 Market Gardening

You will also find the book that has inspired thousands, The Market Gardener, by Jean-Martin Fortier. This award-winning book emphasizes growing techniques based on low-tech, high yield methods of production on a micro-farm.

Herbals – Essential Oils – Foraging – Bush Craft – Bees

Check out these titles to expand your knowledge on  must-know subjects around the homestead!

Of course, we will be expanding our library as we continue to offer the best products for our customers seeking a self-sustained lifestyle.


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