Curious Compendium



Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills

Ever wanted to learn to speak “chicken”? Capture a swarm of bees? Treat aches and pain with herbal remedies? Sharpen a knife?

From Storey’s vast library of expertly-authored how-to books comes a compendium of valuable skills covering every area of interest and presented through clear, colorful how-to illustrations and custom photography.

Drawing from the worlds of farming, gardening, building, cooking, preserving, crafts, and natural medicine and body care, Skill-o-pedia celebrates the diverse ideas and knowledge that enable a self-sufficient lifestyle.

The wisdom in these pages covers the small, the substantial, and everything in between, including:

  • how to tell a sheep from a goat
  • how to pour a beer for great foam
  • how to field dress a deer
  • how to navigate by the sun
  • how to put a bike chain back on
  • how to darn socks
  • how to build a homestead from (and in) the woods

Some skills are purely enriching, like learning about nature through sketching or teaching a cat to jump through a hoop, while others can be lifesaving, such as learning how to dismount a horse in an emergency or how to find fresh water when water is scarce. Whether casually curious or deeply invested in living more independently, this Compendium opens the mind while teaching readers just about anything they could ever wish to be able to do themselves.

344 pages


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