Lodge Skillets



Classic LODGE Skillets 

Seasoned and ready to use – Use on all cooking surfaces, grills, and campfires – Oven safe – Made in USA

8 in. The perfect size for cooking side dishes, baking desserts, and sharing treats. It prov/4″ides excellent heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking. 1.87″ deep

10-1/4 in. This skillet was rated as one of the two dozen essential tools in the home and kitchen (Martha Stewart Living February 2008). Assist handles for easier handling. 2″ deep

10-1/4 in. Deep  This skillet has higher sidewalls to give you extra space to create your inspirations. 3″ deep

12 in. Provides excellent performance year after year and will last decades. Assist handles for easier handling. 2.25″ deep

13-1/4 in. Brutally tough for decades of cooking. Assist handles for easier handling. 2.81″ deep

15 in. This generous size skillet is a welcome addition to any gathering. Assist handles. 2.87″ deep





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8", 10-1/4", 10-1/4" Deep, 12", 13-1/4", 15"

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