The High-Pressure Irrigation Pump moves water farther and higher than typical pumps would deliver. It’s better for sprinkler systems and other irrigation applications when compared to the BCS Water Transfer Pump. And unlike the Water Transfer Pump, it does NOT require a Power Cradle accessory to increase RPM of the tractor PTO. In addition to irrigation applications, the pump can be used for dust suppression, remote area fire fighting, washing equipment, and more.

Constructed with high quality cast iron, the pump incorporates heavy duty helical gears, oil bath lubrication of the bearings, and a high-quality mechanical seal, which collectively yield high efficiency and a reliable, maintenance-free operational life.

The pump has plastic intake and outlet fittings, with 50′ discharge and 25′ suction hoses with cam lock fittings. A foot valve/strainer combo and steel strainer are also included with the unit. The foot valve has a screen around the foot to keep out larger debris, and prevents drain back to maintain constant priming. It also has a caster wheel for easy maneuverability.

The max total head is 220 feet and the suction lift is 26 feet. Comparatively, the Water Transfer Pump’s total head is 115 feet and suction lift is 28 feet.



For more information comparing this pump to the Water Transfer Pump, click here.

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