RADA Starter 7 pc. Set

Great gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and just to show you care!

  • Made of surgical quality T420 carbon stainless steel
  • Solid satin-finished aluminum handles
  • Balanced for comfort
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 100% made in the USA

RADA – “Feels good in your hand”

Set Includes:

  • Regular Paring, Rada’s top-selling knife.  3-1/4-inch blade 6-3/4 inch overall
  • Vegetable Peeler, a handy tool that with a dual-edged blade designed for use by both left and right-handed cooks. 7-1/4 inch overall
  • Tomato Slicer. A dual-edged serrated blade that allows for easy, paper-thin cuts of tomato without squishing. 5 inch blade 8-7/8 inch overall
  • Super Parer. Ideal for when you prefer a larger blade. 4-3/8 inch blade  8-3/8 inch overall
  • 6” Bread Knife. Features no-squish serrations to ensure flawless cuts of your favorite breads. 10-3/8 inch overall
  • Cook’s Knife. Made with the serious home cook in mind. The knife features a large blade that’s easy to handle without being intimidating, but also big enough for heavy-duty cutting tasks, such as quartering a chicken or dicing vegetables. 6-1/4 inch blade  10-7/8 inch overall
  • Slicer, A knife Rada has been offering since 1948. This knife is there to slice family favorite meats such as a Thanksgiving turkey or a decadent prime rib. It’s even great when preparing larger fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe and cabbage. 7 inch blade 11-3/8 inch overall

*Hand washing all fine cutlery is recommended – This prevents microscopic dings on the blades’ cutting edge, eliminates the harsh environment created by a dishwasher’s high temperatures and abrasive detergents and helps protect your cutlery from corrosion, ultimately extending the life of their finish.

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