RADA Ultimate Utensil Set – New Lower Price!


The Ultimate Utensil Set combines four of Rada’s most useful and well-loved products and will be the ultimate addition to any kitchen!

  •  Ice Cream Scoop – the bowl of the scoop easily works its way into even the hardest ice cream!   9¼”  length 
  • Pizza Cutter  -the 3″ wheel of this handy cuts pizza, of course, but can be used equally well for chopping fresh herbs, slicing quesadillas, and removing the crust from a sandwich, making it an indispensable part of this utensil set.
  • Serrated Pie Server is the best way to cut and serve any pie. Use it for cake and bars too.  4⅛ x 2⅜” face, 9¼” overall
  • Spatulaa classic utensil with a thousand different uses. Its sturdy construction assures that the 3⅜ x 2″ face won’t bend or break. The sturdy ridge at the base is stable enough to scrape up even the stickiest foods from the pan.

Solid Brushed Aluminum Handles

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