WonderMill Electric Grain Mill



The World’s #1 Rated Electric Grain Mill

Tested to make sure it is the Quietest, Cleanest, Easiest To Use, Fastest, Coolest, Most Powerful, and the Longest Lasting Mill in the World. No other mill company on the market can make this claim. The WonderMill Company is proud to partner with the Best Motor Manufacturer in the World – LG Electronics – to power THE BEST ELECTRIC MILL IN THE WORLD, the WonderMill.

The WonderMill is The World’s Cleanest, Quietest, Easiest To Use Grain Mill

Imagine your favorite recipes made with the great taste of 100% whole grain goodness and all the nutrition from every grain. The WonderMill is the quietest and fastest mill available. You can create super-fine flour or coarse flour at temperatures that preserve nutrients, ensuring that you will always have the perfect flour for your food. 12 cup flour canister.

Capacity, Power & Versatility

The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill has the capacity to perform big jobs. You can grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour. You don’t have to worry about overloading The WonderMill because of its LARGE 1250 WATT LG ELECTRONICS MOTOR. It is indeed the most powerful micronizing mills available. The WonderMill will not only grind wheat, corn, rice, and other small grains like Quinoa and Amaranth, but it will also grind legumes and beans. Go to www.willitgrind.com to see the large list of what The WonderMill can grind. 

Ease of Use

The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the hopper and out comes flour. There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace, and the self cleaning WonderMill is quick, easy, and virtually dust-free. There is no need for additional attachments to bag your flour simply put a plastic bag in the canister and grind – easy, clean and at no additional cost to you!

Ease of Mind

In order to give you the confidence you have wanted in a grain mill, The WonderMill Company have GONE THE EXTRA MILE to make sure that their mill passes the world’s most demanding electronic testing and Certification Standards – UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), and CE (for Europe and UK).

BPA Free. 

A LIFETIME WARRANTY is included with every WonderMill.

Great for Gluten-Free

The WonderMill is also great for making gluten-free flours such as brown rice, white rice, sorghum, quinoa, soy, millet, amaranth, bean, corn, chickpeas/garbanzos, and more gluten-free flours

  • Enjoy better health and living
  • Save time, effort, and money
  • A kitchen machine with quality workmanship you can trust
  • Large capacity 12 cup flour canister is perfect for storage
  •  Mills all hard and soft grains and legumes
  • Adjust from courser to pastry fine flour with a touch of the dial
  • Easy to clean and store









Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 in

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