The V-CULTIVATOR is versatile and easy to use and has the ultimate variable width. It easily connects to a Fixed or Adjustable Tool Carrier. The bars collapse or widen to a width of up to 31 inches, and five adjustable teeth can be situated according to the needs of the operator.  Adjusting the width of the cultivator is easier than that of a BCS Tiller, with an adjustable wing nut situated in the center of the implement to expand or retract the wings.

The V-CULTIVATOR is great for weed control in between narrow rows of small-scale crops, and can operate between a maximum of six crop rows per pass.  Another advantage of the V-Cultivator is that stones easily glance off the tines without getting bogged down within the implement, eliminating the risk of crop damage.

Required Accessory:  Fixed or Adjustable Tool Carrier
Recommended Accessory:  Wheel Weights


  • Used for intensive cultivation.
  • Cultivate between up to six rows of crops.
  • Spring tines adjustable to height and position. Tine length is 13”.
  • Adjustable wings expand for to a maximum width of 31”.
  • Comes with 5 removable tines and a removable transport wheel

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