The perfect tool to rid your grill of burnt-on messes, bristle-free, so you’ll never have to worry about stray bristles in your food!

The 6⅜ʺ cleaning surface has two springs twisted in galvanized steel wire that surround a quad-spring head. That means more surface contact with grill grates for superior cleaning. The large springs open to clean the sides of the grate, which allow the small springs inside to clean the tops of the grates. This brush will maintain its shape and integrity and scrape your grill grates perfectly clean every time. Easy to clean – in hot soapy water or put it into your dishwasher. Made in the USA!

  • BRUSH SIZE 6⅜”
  • BRUSH MATERIAL Springs Twisted in Galvanized Steel Wire
  • HANDLE MATERIAL Polypropylene and Galvanized Steel


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