Ohio Stoneware 9 x 9 Baker

This beautiful stoneware is exceptionally strong and durable,perfect for your favorite casseroles and baked goods… entrees, side dishes, desserts and more. It retains its beauty through repeated use and dishwasher cleaning. The lead-free, food-safe glaze that protects against utensil damage, staining and odor absorption. And nothing bakes better or more evenly than stoneware! 

Putting room temperature bake ware into a preheated oven is fine. Never put in freezer; do not transfer from refrigerator to a hot oven, or vice versa; and allow to cool before washing.

  • Suitable for oven temperatures up to 450 degrees (F)
  • Oven and Microwave safe. Do not use under a broiler, or on stove top.
  • Protect from extreme temperatures.



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