Wing Nuts

Set of 2 Wingnuts for the Black Berkey Filters

Rubber Washers


Set of 2 washers for the Black Berkey Filters


Knob for SS Lids


WILL NOT fit Berkey Light Systems



Hole Plug



Fits all Berkey Stainless Steel Systems. Adding hole plugs, gives you the choice to run fewer filters in your system, giving you the same quality water only a slower flow rate.

WILL NOT FIT Berkey Light System


Sport Berkey Replacement Filter

This is the factory original replacement for the filter in the Sport Berkey Water Bottle and has the same filtration medium as the larger Black Berkey Filter element. It will produce 100 gallons (640 refills) of filtered water before needing replaced. The filter takes only seconds to replace and requires no tools.


Maintenance Kit

Keep your Stainless Steel Berkey Water Filter in tip-top shape with this convenient maintenance kit

Each kit contains:   (Only fits Stainless Steel units)

  • 1 plastic spigot
  • 1 pair of Black Filter wingnuts and washers
  • 2  hole plugs
  • 1 lid knob
  • 2 vials of red food dye for testing the Black Filters
  • 1 Scotch Brite scrubbing pad for cleaning Black Filters
  • 1 Prime Rite™ – Faucet Priming Kit for faster priming
  • 1 Air Lock Clip

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