Here at Wilderness Road Mercantile, we provide cookware essentials to those preparing themselves for tough times or just wanting to return to the roots of a self-sustained lifestyle. Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is not defined by where someone lives but by the lifestyle choices they make.


Since everyone needs to eat on the homestead, our choice in cookware is America’s choice – Lodge. Since 1896, Lodge Manufacturing is one of America’s oldest cookware companies in continuous operation. It is still owned and managed by the descendants of the Lodge family.

Cast iron cookware is valued for its heat retention properties and its ability to withstand and maintain very high cooking temperatures. Therefore, it makes it a common choice for searing or frying, and is a good option for long-cooking stews or braised dishes. Seasoned properly, cast iron skillets and dutch ovens can develop a “non-stick” surface with regular use.

For a lighter weight pan, try a seasoned carbon steel pan from Lodge. They have all the  attributes of traditional cast iron, only with sloped sides, consequently making them much better suited to sauteing.


As Lodge is to cast iron, GraniteWare is to roasting pans. These enameled carbon steel pans have been a part of American meals for over 100 years. Their Inner core distributes heat evenly and quickly and the dark surface absorbs heat quickly, lowering cooking times. Most of all, they are lightweight and easy to handle. The smooth glass surface allows for easy cleaning. Affordable prices also make this cookware a reasonable choice for our budget minded customers.



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